Ana Kozak


After three years leading Le Magazyn, a thoughtfully concept shop spotlighting Brazilian design and art, Ana Kozak decided to embark on a new project: 

Under Ana Kozak design.objects.art: the new endeavor will focus on home design and art, prioritizing more exclusive and one of-a-kind pieces.

"It was an incredible experience to create Le Magazyn and extremely necessary for my growth as an entrepreneur in the LA design scene. This experience gave me strength to take a bigger step.

“I’ll continuos curating high-end Brazilian design, both contemporary and vintage, as well as to produce engaging content and divulge the works of amazing artists and designers that I have worked in the pass but also showcasing new ones.”

On this new concept Kozak strengthen even more the partnership with Espasso gallery - the pioneering company on bringing the most sought after Brazilian furniture to the US.